Welcome to Felix's little Knowledge Base thing.

This directory is presently just a disorganized dumping ground for random notes,
difficult-to-find tidbits of useful information, and so on that I've gathered in
my travels and on the job.

Copyright-ish things:

I usually provide the original source URL in material I've copied verbatim from
somewhere, but I'm probably not 100% reliable at this. My first aim with this
directory is to save knowledge clippings quickly, in case they disappear or
aren't easily found with Google later.

Note that .mht files automatically include attribution -- look at their
"Content-Location:" header in their raw source.

That said, if I've copied something of yours and you want attribution, by all
means contact me.

I've been even sloppier about copyright in the files I've written myself. I
intend the ones I wrote myself to be in the public domain. If you see a plain
text file that has no attribution, there's about an 80% chance it's public
domain because I wrote it.

There are also a few executable utilities in here. These are of course copyright
someone, but if they are in this directory it means I had a *devil* of a time
finding them -- and others probably will, too. If you are the copyright holder
for one of these utilities, please consider making sure that people can find it
from you before asking me to take it down from here. (I'm not expecting many
takedown notices for these, though -- it's a fair bet most of the utilities are
abandoned or their authors are dead. And screw "life + 70 years." For copyright
purposes, one solar year shall be considered 70 computer years.)


[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory -
[DIR]xkcd_password/ -
[DIR]Windows USB stick raw image writer/ -
[DIR]windows bug reports/ -
[DIR]Wasp WWS-800 C barcode scanner/ -
[DIR]virus removal from client's computer/ -
[DIR]VIA_XHCI_Driver_V4.30A_AP driver for VL800 and VL801 Q8 controllers/ -
[DIR]Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSM-300-033 iron manual/ -
[DIR]shellshock/ -
[DIR]PST Repair/ -
[DIR]PowerShell print list of files including long paths/ -
[DIR]PIX 8 to PIX 6 VPN IPSec tunnel/ -
[DIR]links/ -
[DIR]install ASDM on modern windows/ -
[DIR]hibernate & suspend with sd card unmount/ -
[DIR]grandstream handset plug/ -
[DIR]files/ -
[DIR]felix utilities/ -
[DIR]dynamic getter and setter generation in python/ -
[DIR]Dell mainboard front button interface/ -
[DIR]Deep Freeze Defender (6973)/ -
[DIR]convert dynamic disk to basic lossless/ -
[DIR]compose key additions for math chars/ -
[DIR]cisco pix firewall password reset/ -
[DIR]bibtex style files/ -
[DIR]arch linux crypto hook mod/ -
[DIR]all about symbolic links in windows/ -
[TXT]zipper two files together line from file 1 file 2.txt149
[TXT]zapping the pram.html256
[TXT]you require permission from trustedinstaller to make changes to this file.txt332
[TXT]XP Total Security 2011.txt739
[TXT]xp thumbnail view hide filenames.txt 81
[TXT]xp info tips for files.txt238
[TXT]xfs_check out of memory.txt 57
[TXT]xcopy junctions.txt157
[TXT]xargs use newlines as separators.txt105
[TXT]WSUS reset duplicate machine IDs.txt606
[TXT]wrap indented paragraph in vim without auto-indenting on lines that start with for if else while do.txt1.8K
[TXT]working with hashed ssh known_hosts file.txt1.4K
[TXT]wordpress reset admin password.txt 68
[TXT]wordpress multiple domain names for one site dynamic site base name.txt2.1K
[TXT]wordpress completely remove and disable comments.txt662
[TXT]wordpress avada layerslider jquery version issue.txt1.2K
[TXT]word list wordlist word file unix words.txt 16
[TXT]womble field order.txt161
[TXT]winfirewall exceptions registry.txt137
[TXT]windows wipe free space like dd zero.txt154
[TXT]windows use local user on remote system, not domain user.txt253
[TXT]windows update error 0x80070005.txt8.3K
[TXT]windows take ownership recursively.txt446
[TXT]windows show who has a remote desktop session to a machine.txt281
[TXT]windows services force own copy of svchost process.txt313
[TXT]windows server 2012 generate self-signed certificate.txt227
[TXT]windows remote desktop capture windows key full screen toggle.txt 42
[TXT]windows rdp remote desktop port number.txt 99
[TXT]Windows quick & dirty permissions compare.txt696
[TXT]windows PE how to load driver after boot.txt343
[TXT]windows monitor event logs with script.txt159
[TXT]windows map security id SID to account profile name.txt127
[TXT]windows iso names.txt3.4K
[TXT]windows export save search results to file.txt426
[TXT]windows explorer thumbnails view no filenames.txt 72
[TXT]windows explorer start in my computer.txt 87
[TXT]windows delete a folder structure with path too long.txt415
[TXT]windows create shortcut to start run box.txt 95
[TXT]windows command line utilities do not support reparse points.txt394
[TXT]windows bypass network folder currently mapped different user.txt824
[TXT]windows backup the system writer is not found.txt2.3K
[TXT]windows add persistent static route.txt386
[TXT]windows 8 safe mode.txt7.6K
[TXT]windows 8 reset password.txt4.8K
[TXT]windows 8 remove folders from my computer.txt446
[TXT]windows 8 problem with pc settings won't start crashes.txt235
[TXT]windows 8 outlook skype integration creepy where get my picture from address book.txt339
[TXT]windows 8 make surface show owner contact info set default lock screen wallpaper.txt215
[TXT]windows 8 display scaling fuzzy text smaller monitor laptop 1920 HD blurry.txt562
[TXT]Windows 8 default firewall rules.txt 31K
[TXT]windows 8 actually set screen off timeout.txt368
[TXT]windows 8.1 nvidia toshiba windows system assessment tool winsat.exe has stopped working.txt286
[TXT]windows 8.1 install vmware esx vsphere vcenter client.txt287
[TXT]windows 7 turn off details pane.txt175
[TXT]windows 7 renaming a user.txt652
[TXT]windows 7 manually quickly search for files by date.txt232
[TXT]windows 7 fix boot fixmbr move system partition.txt335
[TXT]windows 7 enable disable hibernation hiberfile.sys.txt109
[TXT]windows 7 disable animations.txt133
[TXT]windows 7 8 automatically launches web browser bing when connecting to wireless network connectivity status indicator network location awareness.txt909
[TXT]windows 7 8 8.1 xmouse automatic window focus.txt646
[TXT]win32 tar cannot fork.txt342
[TXT]why windows vista & 7 have weird junctions.html 36K
[TXT]why additional battery packs for APC rack mount UPS need to be below main unit.txt279
[TXT]whole partition to dvd with growisofs.txt237
[TXT]where windows server stores its event logs.txt 17
[TXT]wget use gzip mod_deflate compression.txt366
[TXT]wget ignore robots.txt1.0K
[TXT]weird issues with ipod, kindle, possibly other devices when connected to computer using some dual voltage supplies in europe.txt1.2K
[   ]Webengine1.0.pdf2.0M
[TXT]web2py connect DAL to mysql socket.txt929
[   ]wdidle3_1_05.zip170K
[   ]wdidle3.zip169K
[TXT]ways to access startup options windows 8.txt5.6K
[TXT]vssadmin refuses to delete snapshots with error outside allowed context.txt171
[TXT]vmware won't mount vmfs has unknown naa value.txt485
[TXT]vmware problems with shrunk SAN volume.txt3.5K
[TXT]vmware how to get a file into a VM with no network.txt199
[TXT]vmware esxi copying vmdk files using cp command is slow.txt114
[TXT]vmware convert workstation dynamic vmdk to ESXi.txt150
[TXT]vmware - reboot loop on install.txt2.0K
[   ]VLAN Basics (from Thomas Krenn Wiki).pdf186K
[TXT]visual studio 2005 web project, the project type is not supported by this installation.txt482
[TXT]virtualbox VBOX_E_INVALID_OBJECT_STATE State locked write.txt339
[TXT]virtualbox vboxheadless object functionality limited E_ACCESSDENIED 0x80070005.txt569
[TXT]virtualbox usb scanner disconnects with driver error usb port stops working.txt1.4K
[TXT]virtualbox snapshot parent uuid 00000000 does not match.txt635
[TXT]VirtualBox set clock in vm.txt1.3K
[TXT]virtualbox restrict shared folders by user linux guest chown.txt1.8K
[TXT]virtualbox guest clipboard transfer problems different x session.txt750
[TXT]virtualbox failed to install extension pack.txt511
[TXT]virtualbox crashes on startup when connected to a wifi network with a captive portal http redirect.txt866
[TXT]vim vimdiff windows e810 cannot read or write temp files.txt471
[TXT]vim unwrap lines text paragraph.txt275
[TXT]vim reveal show remove non-printing non-ascii characters.txt156
[TXT]vim reload switch different encoding.txt643
[TXT]vim monochrome turn off all colour but leave syntax on.txt 73
[TXT]vim make statusline effective always show.txt353
[TXT]vim general cheatsheet.txt2.4K
[TXT]vim format a numbered list.txt594
[TXT]vim force colour or monochrome terminal.txt540
[TXT]vim enter special characters by hex value.txt1.5K
[TXT]vim end recording in insert mode.txt 16
[TXT]vim edit existing macro recording q.txt286
[TXT]vim documentation-editing cheatsheet.txt3.6K
[TXT]vim change colour scheme for vimdiff only.txt 81
[TXT]vim autocomplete or variable name expansion-completion.txt121
[TXT]vantec usb sata ide adapter does not register when plugged in.txt286
[TXT]UVic wireless settings for ubuntu.txt492
[TXT]using crappy cell phone gps in the bush.txt1.3K
[TXT]use ddrescue for resumable wiping of a disk.txt192
[   ]UNIX tips: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits.mht184K
[TXT]unix timestamp to date.txt 41
[TXT]uninstall mailman.txt447
[TXT]unhandled sense code.txt797
[TXT]unexpected error keeping you from copying file windows 0x80070057.txt1.1K
[TXT]ubuntu installer crashes.txt338
[TXT]ubuntu 16.04 join to active directory.txt4.5K
[TXT]Ubuntu 16.04 join to active directory.txt4.6K
[TXT]Ubuntu 16.04 AD-integrated Windows file shares (samba).txt2.1K
[TXT]turn on ls colours on mac os x.txt221
[TXT]turn off bash programmable completion in ubuntu.txt326
[   ]traffic monitoring script.tar.gz1.8K
[   ]Toshiba_Portege_M200_FAQ - Mobile PC Wiki.maff268K
[TXT]tmpgenc batch maker.txt 68
[TXT]things to do to secure linux.txt281
[TXT]the line is currently in use when trying to deassign a button on a mitel phone.txt170
[TXT]the difference between home and export-home on solaris.html 54K
[   ]The correct way to configure PHP.mht191K
[TXT]test ssd trim support.txt605
[TXT]terminal pager 0.txt139
[TXT]task scheduler exchange 2013 management shell scripts.txt304
[TXT]system error 86 when connecting to windows share.txt236
[TXT]sysrq on linux.txt3.0K
[TXT]syn cookies.html7.7K
[TXT]sudoers group names with spaces.txt 80
[TXT]strange spyware desktop icons.txt202
[TXT]strace can attach to running processes.txt 14
[TXT]stop 21a error windows xp.txt103
[TXT]ssh escape codes.txt708
[TXT]sql server version numbers.txt928
[TXT]sql server untrusted domain windows authentication.txt200
[   ]sql server restore only a few tables.maff1.5M
[TXT]sql server manual log shipping setup.txt4.7K
[TXT]sql server log shipping job failed cannot connect to server old name.txt1.0K
[TXT]sql server log shipping catch up from a differential backup.txt3.8K
[TXT]sql server generate md5 hash of large data.txt341
[TXT]sql select domain part of e-mail address.txt102
[TXT]spurious wakeups from sleep on Microsoft Surface Pro 3.txt923
[TXT]sound recording pass through on cards that don't support it.txt207
[TXT]sort lines by length.txt 83
[TXT]sony dsc w5.txt 78
[TXT]smtp session.txt 84
[TXT]skype installs a web server hook into the system process.txt390
[TXT]sku111.cab office installer error.txt840
[TXT]sipXecs grandstream compare two generated phone configs.txt860
[TXT]sipx cannot parse model definitions file.txt1.5K
[TXT]single quotes inside single quoted strings in bash & sh.txt 49
[TXT]silent character translation data corruption on USB enclosure.txt7.5K
[TXT]show exif gps coordinates on photos in decimal degrees.txt203
[TXT]share a single folder over RDP windows remote desktop.txt 23
[TXT]set up airport time capsule to be a NAS only (no wifi or routing).txt401
[TXT]set the site base URL in wp-config.php.txt299
[TXT]set initial gvim window size.txt 26
[TXT]set critical battery action to do nothing in Windows.txt444
[TXT]sensible default robocopy options.txt956
[TXT]sensible badblocks defaults for 4K sector drives.txt119
[TXT]sense urb submission failure seagate backup plus external drive enclosure.txt2.1K
[TXT]semi-automated bruteforce search for a certain file on corrupted filesystem.txt350
[TXT]self-decrypting text file with openssl.sh429
[TXT]sed 1-liner commands.txt 18K
[TXT]securing firefox.txt 46
[   ]Search-Replace-DB-3.0.0 (useful for site migrations to new URLs).zip 91K
[   ]Seagate ST310005EXA101-RK 9SE2A4-571 9SF2A4-500 disassembly.pdf319K
[   ]Seagate FreeAgent drive auto spindown under Linux solutions.mht 27K
[TXT]seagate 3TB drive jumper settings.txt207
[TXT]Seagate's Seek Error Rate, Raw Read Error Rate, and Hardware ECC Recovered SMART attributes - Seagate Community Forums.txt 22K
[   ]Screen DPI Calculator.mht 16K
[TXT]scp get copy files with spaces in their names.txt209
[TXT]scanning coloured paper.txt254
[TXT]save google maps for offline use in new version of maps app.txt146
[TXT]Samsung SyncMaster 171P locked.txt110
[TXT]Samsung monitor auto adjustment locked.txt139
[TXT]samba filesystem auditing.txt717
[TXT]run windows memory diagnostic.txt101
[TXT]rsync copy extended xattr attributes from fake-super.txt298
[TXT]robocopy to list long paths in windows.txt1.6K
[TXT]robocopy does not support junctions or symlinks.txt167
[TXT]robocopy bug: error 32 when using backup mode switch.txt172
[TXT]robocopy backup mode how to bypass windows filesystem permissions.txt662
[TXT]reverse undo revert changes security holes made by microsoft best practices analyzer.txt2.3K
[TXT]restoring from a snapshot64 disk image.txt2.9K
[TXT]resolve .local domain names on mac os x yosemite.txt690
[TXT]reset outlook to factory default settings.txt396
[TXT]reset nokia 2760.txt810
[TXT]Reset mailman master password.txt 24
[TXT]reset and disable intel ME AMT.txt 65
[TXT]reset acrobat 8 activation.txt177
[   ]Replacing disks in Barracuda 400.pdf393K
[   ]Replacing disks in Barracuda 400.odt300K
[TXT]rename auto-assemble name for mdadm array.txt170
[TXT]remove skydrive pro from explorer context menu.txt124
[TXT]remove BOM from utf-8.txt207
[TXT]remotely change virtual console linux.txt 5
[   ]remind holidays file for BC.remind1.9K
[TXT]reinstall outlook expr on xp.txt6.7K
[TXT]regexps in word.txt338
[TXT]red hat 2.4 kernel ext2,3 unsupported features.txt140
[TXT]recursive utf-16 grep (horrible gross hack).txt324
[TXT]recursive sha256sum in windows with long paths.txt356
[TXT]recovering an incomplete write xfs file after failure.txt1.2K
[TXT]recover data from an outlook .ost exchange cache file.txt264
[TXT]reboot wrt-54g.txt172
[   ]Readline keyboard shortcuts for bash et al.mht 20K
[TXT]Reading message content on postfix queue.txt 78
[TXT]rdesktop send ctrl+alt+f1.txt231
[TXT]rdcman remote desktop connection manager where reconnect servers are stored.txt786
[TXT]random problems with konqueror samba connections until logout.txt 74
[TXT]random notes about webgui.txt808
[TXT]quick script to show message counts in a maildir, including subfolders.txt222
[TXT]python monitor a file for r changes and interrupt.txt427
[TXT]python convert hex to base32.txt 58
[TXT]ps command show full username even when long.txt1.2K
[TXT]procedure used to copy too-long paths.txt1.8K
[TXT]print font outlook express.txt1.6K
[TXT]prevent outlook from sending test message when setting up account.txt527
[TXT]prevent hard drive from going to sleep.txt796
[TXT]prevent firefox creating Desktop directory.txt272
[TXT]power supply repair.txt 14K
[TXT]powershell recursive directory listing like unix find.txt573
[TXT]powershell grep.txt1.6K
[TXT]powershell go line by line over a large text file fast(er).txt1.4K
[TXT]powershell avoid System.Object[] in CSV output.txt403
[TXT]postfix mail journalling archiving.txt504
[TXT]postfix mail.log warning milter bad protocol information.txt485
[TXT]postfix local or command pipe delivery permission denied errors.txt276
[TXT]postfix localhost temporary lookup failure mailman different smtp port.txt1.2K
[TXT]postfix forged delivered-to header spam.txt 21K
[   ]Postfix, MySQL lookups and Temporary lookup failure » Ogalik.mht470K
[TXT]port mapping in Windows 2012 server.txt211
[TXT]pmacctd pmacct data link not supported 239.txt221
[TXT]ping all hosts on a subnet.txt427
[TXT]pine moved x bytes of new mail to ... mbox from var ....txt1.1K
[   ]Pine+OpenSSL HOWTO.mht 65K
[TXT]pidgin ctrl enter to send.html1.3K
[TXT]picasa migration from windows xp to win7.txt2.4K
[TXT]photoshop cs2 liposuction.txt1.5K
[TXT]photoshop cs2 activation.txt334
[TXT]photoshop cs2.txt885
[TXT]packet tracer debug vpn routing cisco.txt 71
[TXT]outlook says filter applied imap.txt125
[TXT]outlook pst file appears incomplete on first usage.txt227
[TXT]outlook 2010 don't show in conversations.txt640
[TXT]outlook 2003 set folder view globally.txt1.7K
[TXT]optical moire correct.txt290
[TXT]opera skinning.txt591
[TXT]opera panels.txt275
[TXT]openssl generate pfx microsoft key from pem file.txt164
[   ]OpenSSL Command-Line HOWTO.mht105K
[TXT]openoffice libreoffice blank page after table.txt101
[TXT]open hp personal media drive enclosure.htm 25K
[TXT]only one channel works on FM radio transmitter car audio.txt877
[TXT]old web2py versions.txt371
[TXT]old sun machines and monitors.txt200
[TXT]oil stock cooler for intel core 2 duo.txt582
[TXT]office setup runs on first run for new user and needs cd.txt840
[TXT]odbc_result taints odbc_fetch_row.php563
[TXT]nvidia load display configuration on startup.txt197
[TXT]ntpd disable monlist command.txt208
[   ]NTFS Partition Boot Sector.mht 67K
[   ]NTFSMFTExample.ppt162K
[   ]notes on pashta's virus infection.zip1.1K
[TXT]non-primary change default group as default in bashrc.txt164
[TXT]nokia change voicemail number.txt 64
[TXT]nilfs2 data recovery.txt5.2K
[TXT]New File.txt791
[TXT]network connections control panel run shortcut.txt 23
[TXT]netstat doesn't show process for open port.txt166
[TXT]netcat nc simple port listener.txt146
[TXT]mysql show users who have access to a database.txt213
[   ]MultiChain - Avoiding the pointless blockchain project.pdf116K
[TXT]ms word 'spike' feature.txt626
[TXT]msi installer problems.txt230
[TXT]msacess caveats.txt496
[TXT]ms access complains of missing msoutl.olb.txt491
[TXT]moving a linux system.txt644
[TXT]mount virtualbox shared folders.txt 51
[TXT]mount virtualbox .vdi image.txt426
[TXT]mount iso command.txt 43
[TXT]mount another partition to docs & sets.txt396
[   ]monitor_test_colours.zip2.1K
[TXT]minimal packages for archlinux.txt157
[TXT]minimal chrooted apache under arch linux.txt1.3K
[   ]mime types linux file associations.pdf375K
[TXT]microsoft surface show full keyboard.txt 82
[TXT]microsoft sql server cannot attach file error 5 access denied.txt384
[TXT]microsoft iis ftp not using data port numbers range.txt103
[TXT]meanings of fields in %2fproc%2fdiskstats.txt7.1K
[TXT]mdadm set write-mostly on a device without re-adding or not during array build.txt196
[TXT]mdadm pause interrupt cancel md sync_action check.txt 39
[TXT]mdadm check array.txt 41
[TXT]manually calculate ssh key fingerprint.txt248
[   ]Make OpenOffice startup faster and disable splash screen THE11thROCK Technologies.mht576K
[TXT]make more loop devices.txt 93
[TXT]make extra partition after dding bootable arch iso to hard drive.txt532
[TXT]make dhcpcd faster not check for ip address.txt135
[TXT]mailman list migration from 2.0 to 2.1.html 11K
[TXT]mailman list all list hostnames.txt144
[TXT]mailman change hostname domain name list admin uses old name URL.txt162
[TXT]mailman .db files.txt306
[TXT]mac printing.txt1.1K
[TXT]mac outlook show outbox.txt121
[TXT]load finereader .fbt file saved batch settings.txt 80
[TXT]livejournal download backup script.sh633
[   ]list_users_whove_never_logged_in.ps1966
[TXT]list of visual studio ProjectTypeGUIDs.txt3.1K
[TXT]list missing project files in visual studio.txt407
[TXT]list known host signatures ssh.txt 34
[TXT]list all links in an html file.txt108
[TXT]linux safely power down hard drive for hot remove.txt 71
[TXT]linux re-scan for new hotplug sata drives.txt191
[TXT]linux mint unlock and mount a cryptsetup-luks device as a normal unprivileged user without root.txt106
[TXT]linux memory overcommit modes.txt1.1K
[TXT]linux generate pseudorandomness faster than urandom.txt 98
[TXT]linux enable disable services.txt 88
[TXT]linux drop file caches.txt818
[TXT]linux doesn't answer ARP requests for IPs used in NAT.txt3.5K
[TXT]linux change auto negotiation settings on eth0 ethernet.txt 61
[TXT]linksys WET-11 does not like Grandstream phones.txt332
[TXT]linksys WET-11 default config after reset.txt136
[TXT]lines with spaces in bash for in loop.txt214
[TXT]libreoffice debian change toolbars to easier to read style gnome flat curved light grey.txt295
[TXT]LibreOffice clear recent files history.txt 75
[   ]lacie 301304U disassembly.pdf272K
[   ]lacie 301304U disassembly.odt 12M
[TXT]konqueror sftp protocol says host key not found but another type of key exists.txt1.7K
[TXT]konqueror set default view for new tabs.txt221
[TXT]konqueror middle click closes tab.txt100
[TXT]konqueror disable icon animation.txt128
[TXT]kindle won't open html file.txt250
[TXT]keep one copy of a raid mirror in ram for performance.txt3.3K
[TXT]keep a usb drive awake windows.txt129
[TXT]kb--openwith registry key.txt111
[IMG]jumper table for seagate 7200.12.gif5.7K
[TXT]joomla not showing update available latest version.txt323
[TXT]jira see watched but not assigned.txt271
[TXT]iSCSI problems from windows 2012 VMs, vmware, tcp checksum offload.txt2.9K
[TXT]interpreting mdadm dmesg error sector numbers.txt2.8K
[TXT]intel isw fakeraid dmraid - how to hot-replace a failed disk.txt 17K
[TXT]installing xp on acer aspireone za3.txt7.2K
[   ]Installing with Software RAID or LVM - ArchWiki.mht106K
[TXT]insert line numbers in vim.txt408
[   ]inkscape text on a path circle above below.mht165K
[TXT]index-attempt.html 10K
[TXT]IIS returns 404 for file that definitely exists, e.g. ISO file.txt185
[TXT]IIS ftp does not let you set data port range greyed out.txt193
[TXT]iis export list of all sites and bindings.txt 69
[TXT]iis 500 error and error while performing this operation re web.config in IIS admin.txt639
[TXT]IIS 7 how to redirect from one domain to another (e.g. www.example.com to example.com).txt517
[TXT]ifconfig remove delete deconfigure ip address from interface.txt144
[TXT]ifconfig on hp-ux.txt 12
[TXT]ie javascript debugging.txt197
[TXT]ICRC errors are fatal in Windows!.txt651
[   ]http___labnol.blogspot.com_2006_04_workarounds-to-disable-non-genuine.pdf215K
[TXT]HP UX crashes.html 60K
[TXT]how to verify gmail imap ssl certificate.txt1.9K
[TXT]how to TRIM DISCARD an entire partition.txt 55
[TXT]how to sort a bibtex file.txt422
[IMG]how to set starting node of path in inkscape.svg4.2K
[TXT]how to see contents of rsync --fake-super (how to see linux posix extended attributes).txt 22
[TXT]how to run exchange management shell scripts via task scheduler.txt306
[TXT]how to restore just owners & permissions from a backup linux.txt894
[   ]How to reset TCP-IP in Windows XP.mht118K
[   ]How to remove Computrace Lojack | Freaky Acres.mht209K
[   ]How to purge bad cache from SQUID Reaper-X .:[ ID ]:..mht238K
[TXT]how to prevent a thunderbird update.txt206
[TXT]how to open a TI-83 graphing calculator.txt235
[TXT]how to modify or manually create a maintenance plan in sql server management studio.txt 49
[TXT]how to make an authoritative ntp server force override stratum.txt722
[TXT]how to lock a postfix mbox file for modification.txt 25
[TXT]how to local restore from rsync --fake-super.txt356
[TXT]how to list orphan files in a large website directory file structure.txt1.6K
[TXT]how to give mailman an exception to smtp rate limits.txt1.0K
[TXT]how to force real read-only mount on journalled filesystems.txt432
[TXT]how to find the newest file in a large directory.txt121
[   ]How to determine which versions and service pack levels of the Microsoft .NET Framework are installed.mht1.1M
[TXT]how to convert an e-mail discussion into a mailing list with existing mails archived.txt879
[TXT]how to compare mail folders in outlook express and thunderbird.txt2.1K
[TXT]how to boot generic ISO files from USB stick.txt1.9K
[   ]how STUN works.mht342K
[TXT]hexdump continuous stream.txt 25
[TXT]Helicon ISAPI_Rewrite silently not working.txt191
[TXT]group policy client denied logon.txt1.3K
[TXT]grep unicode utf-16 text.txt 48
[TXT]grep output offset of string occurrence in large binary file.txt 54
[TXT]gpm option for usb mouse.txt 61
[TXT]go post on forum as well - how to remove execute perm from files in vbox shared folder.txt 65
[TXT]google authenticator in perl.txt702
[TXT]google account sync enable disable android.txt 57
[TXT]gnucash display split transactions in transaction report.txt1.4K
[TXT]gnome mime types.txt839
[TXT]gimp scissors.txt145
[TXT]gimp path tool.txt172
[TXT]gigabyte motherboards xpress recovery warning.txt1.9K
[TXT]get mac tar to stop putting ._* filenames in tar archives.txt 38
[TXT]get into debug CLI on netgear GS748TP and similar switches.txt377
[TXT]get high-resolution file timestamps in stock Windows.txt852
[TXT]get hashed form of hostname ssh.txt 56
[TXT]get configure script options from old build dir.txt862
[TXT]get-aduser how to get all properites available.txt4.1K
[   ]Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Virtual Mailhosting System with Postfix Guide.mht123K
[   ]Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Gentoo mailfiltering gateway guide.mht162K
[TXT]generate a self-signed certificate and private key.txt164
[   ]Freeside documentation.zip2.1M
[   ]for KB%2fblog.mht167K
[TXT]for KB%2fblog - unlock locked word 2007 document.txt947
[TXT]flatten a directory structure, preserving duplicate filenames.txt214
[TXT]fix saslauthd memory leak.txt1.0K
[TXT]fix itunes lost cd drives.txt1.1K
[TXT]fixing STOP 7b on boot after cloning, restoring.txt1.9K
[TXT]fix a noisy fan 2.txt204
[   ]fix a noisy fan.mht376K
[TXT]Firewire Software RAID using Oxford 911 and Windows XP - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks.htm 24K
[TXT]firefox turn off autosearch domain guessing url bar assume local hostname.txt358
[TXT]finepix force download dialogue.txt410
[TXT]find the current vt.txt 10
[TXT]find sparse files.txt 81
[TXT]find real usernames on a mac.txt 61
[TXT]find ip address settings of windows computer offline hard drive where stored.txt714
[   ]Finding file names associated with an inode.mht 63K
[TXT]finder crash solutions.txt146
[TXT]Finder constantly crashing_ Apple Support Communities.txt 55K
[TXT]find erase block size of sd cards.txt 51
[TXT]find and isolate all files matching pattern on mac.txt569
[TXT]fallbackresource apache make all request below directory go to default document request exceeded limit of subrequest nesting levels.txt491
[TXT]extract all link URL's from a PDF document.txt 68
[   ]explanation for flash player update screen on boot.mht 63K
[TXT]exchange management shell show e-mail addresses in a distribution group.txt 65
[TXT]exchange 2013 enable reset user password from admin ecp.txt791
[TXT]equivalent of rc.local on a gentoo box.txt 26
[TXT]enabling nt4 drivers in win2k3 serv.html 28K
[TXT]enable RAID in winxp.html 14K
[TXT]enable ping response windows server 2012.txt113
[TXT]enable file sharing and admin shares on windows server 2012.txt.txt119
[   ]enable disable windows 7 zip folders explorer.zip1.9K
[TXT]enable cron on mac os x mavericks.txt 84
[TXT]enable compose character under linux.txt189
[   ]Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync.mht 62K
[TXT]Dynamic disks not supported for laptops or XP Home_ - MyUnreal BBS.htm 55K
[TXT]dwl-g820 review.txt 47
[TXT]dvdstyler.txt 95
[TXT]dvd-rw writing fails in k3b.txt376
[TXT]dump running process memory to file.txt872
[TXT]dump of smartmontools smartctl compatibility list.txt 49K
[TXT]driver filters.txt191
[TXT]dpkg cheat sheet.html3.4K
[   ]DPI Calculator _ PPI Calculator.mht 16K
[TXT]download tvo.org videos.txt255
[TXT]dot-asoundrc for logitech wireless speakers z515.txt 75
[TXT]display a file with several regexp-searched items highlighted in colour.txt303
[   ]disk_failures.pdf242K
[TXT]disk performance testing in stock Windows.txt596
[TXT]disable terminal bell in existing bash session.txt 19
[TXT]disable smooth scrolling in konqueror.txt253
[TXT]disable screen blanking linux X.txt 24
[TXT]disable php for a virtualhost.txt167
[TXT]disable aero windows 7 8 shake feature makes all other windows minimize.txt684
[TXT]direct sound recording linux.txt966
[TXT]dig FORMERR OPT PSEUDOSECTION when talking to Microsoft DNS.txt955
[TXT]dev null on windows.txt130
[TXT]determine whether windows 2003 is 64-bit or 32-bit.txt1.0K
[   ]Dell servers: isolinux.bin missing or corrupt on boot363
[TXT]decode hex to binary using xxd.txt128
[TXT]debug php on uvic csc lab machines.txt 83
[TXT]debugging ssh problems with konqueror and other embedding file managers.txt163
[TXT]debugging ntp.txt3.4K
[TXT]debugging ntp.html 25K
[TXT]debian verify cd images.txt1.6K
[TXT]debian usb install no common cd-rom detected.txt908
[TXT]debian usb flash drive mass storage usb-storage not loaded recognized but not scanned for partitions.txt290
[TXT]debian show installed packages.txt250
[TXT]debian set X mouse acceleration speed.txt 34
[TXT]debian service will not start on boot rc.local not running.txt344
[TXT]debian rename a cryptsetup volume.txt362
[TXT]debian many copies of ntpdate run at boot time.txt320
[TXT]debconf dbdriver config no such file or directory.txt873
[TXT]date format in cisco version screens.txt204
[TXT]date codes on clamato and possibly other snapple products.txt940
[TXT]dar returns 'badly formed infinint' on file on dvd'.txt197
[TXT]dar restore incremental backups.txt525
[TXT]D-link router has no logout option.txt484
[TXT]D-Link access point DAP-2553, DAP-2695 get plain text config.txt434
[TXT]cwmail ata files attachments.txt 96
[TXT]customized en_GB locale.txt5.1K
[TXT]ctloader toolbar not been tested error mac os x.txt1.0K
[TXT]cron.daily cron.hourly cron.monthly not running.txt1.2K
[TXT]cpu family model stepping to cpu type string.txt 34K
[TXT]copy restore database from mdf from log shipping.txt2.2K
[TXT]copy files selectively and create destination folder structure.txt155
[TXT]convert virtualbox to vmware esxi.txt175
[TXT]convert vdi to and from raw disk image virtualbox.txt1.6K
[TXT]converting a merak mail account from pop3 to imap.txt535
[TXT]connect to sql server on nonstandard port.txt152
[TXT]connect dell external monitor to macbook air displayport thunderbolt hdmi.txt176
[TXT]computer randomly powers off.txt305
[TXT]compose key stuff.txt 12
[TXT]compare source code for reordering only.txt253
[TXT]clean up after a compromised account was used to send spam.txt1.0K
[TXT]cisco WAP4410N wireless stops working.txt305
[TXT]cisco VPN client stops working windows 8, log shows invalid version.txt1.0K
[TXT]cisco ssh_exchange_identification connection closed by remote host.txt284
[TXT]cisco PIX firewall ICMP from inside doesn't work.txt180
[TXT]cisco ios show whether running-config differs from saved compare running-config startup-config.txt200
[TXT]cisco ios find out which port an IP address is connected to.txt183
[TXT]cisco ASDM show command line preview on apply.txt195
[TXT]cisco asa 5505 two outside IP addresses static NAT.txt473
[TXT]cisco asa 5505 change IP associated with a name.txt585
[TXT]cisco 1800 how to create vlans.txt214
[TXT]chkdsk can see broken filesystems even when windows sees only RAW.txt135
[TXT]check that private key matches certificate or csr.txt660
[TXT]check mdadm data integrity.txt1.8K
[TXT]change uuid of .vdi virtualbox hard disk image.txt 88
[TXT]change order of favorites with keyboard.txt119
[TXT]change network type public private windows 8.txt234
[TXT]change field order avisynth.txt255
[TXT]centos yum epel cannot retrieve metalink for repository.txt299
[TXT]centos yum changelog package.txt116
[TXT]centos update boot image.txt 8
[TXT]centos show boot messages.txt 44
[TXT]centos set up iscsi target.txt2.7K
[TXT]centos multiple additional ip addresses one physical interface eth0-1.txt1.2K
[TXT]centos more packages epel repository.txt179
[TXT]centOS kernel panic.txt696
[TXT]centos iSCSI initiator.txt3.4K
[TXT]CentOS 7 join to active directory.txt2.0K
[TXT]centos 6.5 stock single drive system to raid-1.txt2.8K
[TXT]cbc video player.php1.9K
[TXT]cancel remove pending windows updates install updates shut down.txt129
[   ]business card tutorial in inkscape | Worldlabel Blog.mht2.6M
[TXT]bus error when trying to run programs.txt181
[TXT]built in windows md5sum, sha1sum checksum.txt451
[TXT]brtfs scrub with report at the end.txt 42
[TXT]broken symlinks.txt135
[TXT]block mode insert paste in vim.txt525
[TXT]blender transform snap vertex constrained to cursor.txt427
[TXT]blender snap to cursor in one dimension only.txt373
[TXT]blender change screen shotot file type.txt124
[TXT]blackbox-keys.txt explanation.txt 36
[TXT]big list of critical dates.html109K
[TXT]beyond compare excel csv tab data comparison show rows in order.txt169
[TXT]base64 -d invalid input.txt207
[TXT]background intelligent transfer service cannot be started disabled no enabled devices.txt698
[TXT]attempt to access beyond end of device 650 MB cd.txt229
[   ]ASA 5505 does not reply to pings on a secondary route interface.maff 84K
[TXT]arch linux quick install.txt1.3K
[TXT]arch linux prevent auto scan & assembly mdadm raid volumes.txt650
[TXT]arch linux boot ISO how to start nfs server.txt428
[TXT]apache ssl setup.txt283
[TXT]apache reverse proxy access control allow deny ip address.txt530
[TXT]apache redirect all urls to new domain name base.txt275
[TXT]apache deny all except one IP allow,deny.txt 52
[TXT]apache automatically adds .html to request url.txt963
[TXT]android stock memo app export as text files.txt259
[TXT]allow acrobat to open .zip file attachments in pdf files.txt404
[TXT]aftereffects reverse sort order.txt366
[TXT]adobe reader print current view greyed out.txt242
[TXT]adobe liposuction 1.2.txt220
[TXT]add a key to ssh known_hosts file.txt321
[TXT]acpi switch to a certain vt virtual console on resume.txt187
[TXT]acer aspireone 522 asoundrc sound using wrong card aa01.txt100
[   ]Acer Aspire One - hotkey icons.mht592K
[   ]Acer Aspire One - ArchWiki.mht196K
[TXT]access last_insert.txt124
[TXT]Accessing partitions on loop devices.html4.8K
[TXT]access deleted inode (file) when process still has it open.txt291
[TXT]access 2007 very slow on older (2003) databases.txt273
[TXT]access 2007 complains of missing toolbars.txt209
[TXT]access 'update query' to new field.txt361
[   ]:: Linux tune-up ::: Slipstreaming Windows CD under Linux.mht249K
[TXT]'bedup' utility that hard-links all binary-identical files.txt746