Apache automatically adds .html
Mon, 03/12/2012 - 17:08 | by nathan
I had an issue with Apache that was driving me nuts. I've got a Drupal site with a page that uses the path /new. Simple enough. However, I also have a static HTML page in the root of the site at the path /new.html. Every time I'd click a link to /new it would render the static HTML page, though not via a redirect. The browser address bar would still show /new, but it would show me the new.html file.
I figured this had to be some kind of Apache "feature" and after researching and giving up about a half dozen times, I finally figured out the Apache directive that was the source of my problem.
If you are running across a similar issue, you need to edit either your Apache httpd.conf file or an .htaccess file for your site that includes the following directive:

Options -MultiViews

This will turn OFF the MultiViews feature (also referred to as Content Negotiation) solving your problem.