March 1, 2013
Dear Mr. G:

Thank you for contacting us about Clamato.  We're always excited to hear from
our consumers. Your comments give us valuable input about our brands and how
they are enjoyed.  

We stamp each beverage container with a product date lot code to help identify
precisely where and when a given product was manufactured, down to the actual
production line and the minute of manufacture.  Beverages produced at our
company owned plants use one of two production code formats that identifies the
date the product was produced.

Example 1:

LMA = Plant ID (Not necessary for determining the production date)
09 = Day of the month
D = Month (A = January, B = February, etc.  Skip the letter I)
11 = Year

Example 2:

10 = Month 
18 = Day of the month
11 = Year

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us, Felix.  We greatly
appreciate your feedback!


Consumer Relations