# re: What to try when Office update can't find SKU111.CAB 
Monday, April 30, 2007 4:43 PM by bluecoast 
If you do not have the installation cd and want to solve this issue follow these steps: (works most of the time with all sku.cab files) 

1. Click on start==>run==>type "excel /s" without quotations and click 


2. Once Excel is up in safe mode with the error message in front, hold 

down ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on your keyboard to bring the task manager up. 

3. Click on the processes tab==>look for msiexec.exe (only the one next 

to your user name), click on it and end the process. 

4. Excel should be running without an error message now==>close Excel in 

safe mode==>reopen it one more time in safe mode to check if it is 

opening with no error message. 

5. Close Excel /s and open Excel normally, it should work fine.