Lockup/Reboot Loop During a Windows 2000 Guest Operating System Installation	
 	I cannot install Windows 2000 as a guest operating system on my Linux host. I get a lockup and a reboot. What is wrong?	

This can happen with ESX Server or if you installed VMware GSX Server or VMware Workstation on a Linux host, and you are trying to create a virtual machine with Windows 2000 (Professional, Server or Advanced Server) as the guest operating system. 

In most cases, the virtual machine reboots on the Installing Components screen during the installation of the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC). After the virtual machine reboots, the installation restarts at the Regional Settings screen. 

In some cases, the virtual machine may reboot right after you enter the serial number for the guest operating system or may come as late in the installation process as the final Windows components screen checklist (the screen with the Finish button). 

In all cases, after the reboot occurs, if you see a DOS window with the words "Setup is being restarted", then the installation did not complete. 

To install the guest operating system again, first modify the virtual machine's configuration file (the file has a .vmx or .cfg extension). Open the configuration file in a text editor and add the following option on its own line anywhere inside the file: 


Then install the guest operating system again from the beginning. 

After you install the guest operating system, reboot the virtual machine and log in to the guest operating system to make sure it works correctly. Then shut the virtual machine down and remove the MAGICBOOT1 = 400 option from your configuration file. Running the virtual machine with this option may affect the virtual machine's performance. 

Note: If the steps above do not correct the problem, try increasing the value of MAGICBOOT1 beyond 400 by doubling the value (e.g., 800, 1600, 3200, and so forth.) The maximum usable value of MAGICBOOT1 is 10000.