webgui randomness:

if url's keep appending 2 to the end, look in trash and trash > manage system trash for the offenders

enable HTML::Template:Expr so you can do math and logic in <tmpl_var> tags:
set the template type (bottom of the template editing page) to HTML::Template::Expr.

when using HTML::Template, any variable names containing a "." should be changed to underscore, e.g. page.relDepth becomes page_relDepth.

"commit with approval" means commit = commit & approve

to manually run a pending commit, see workflow > show running

my plv webgui username & password: felix:sarahd34

the 'rollback' links on the the version tag management page don't do what you expect -- they don't roll back to that point, they *delete* that point.

be sure to set the right mime type on snippets (e.g. text/css)