wmic datafile where name='c:\\path\\to\\file.txt' get creationdate,lastmodified

outputs something like:

CreationDate               LastModified
20170210202815.025029-480  20170210103545.711594-480

Some things this timestamp resolution is good for:

- Nearly all timestamp changing utils will only update to second precision, so
  if you see a timestamp that ends in ".000000", you can be suspicious of it.
  (May come in handy if the next iteration of Spora also touches file
  timestamps, if they’re not smart enough to do it by using the original raw

- Since FAT/FAT32 only support 2-second resolution, if a file has a creation
  timestamp with nonzero microseconds, but a last modified timestamp ending
  ".000000", it was probably copied from a flash drive (or someone only
  changed one timestamp, I suppose).