Welcome to Felix's little Knowledge Base thing.

This directory is presently just a disorganized dumping ground for random notes,
difficult-to-find tidbits of useful information, and so on that I've gathered in
my travels and on the job.

Copyright-ish things:

I usually provide the original source URL in material I've copied verbatim from
somewhere, but I'm probably not 100% reliable at this. My first aim with this
directory is to save knowledge clippings quickly, in case they disappear or
aren't easily found with Google later.

Note that .mht files automatically include attribution -- look at their
"Content-Location:" header in their raw source.

That said, if I've copied something of yours and you want attribution, by all
means contact me.

I've been even sloppier about copyright in the files I've written myself. I
intend the ones I wrote myself to be in the public domain. If you see a plain
text file that has no attribution, there's about an 80% chance it's public
domain because I wrote it.

There are also a few executable utilities in here. These are of course copyright
someone, but if they are in this directory it means I had a *devil* of a time
finding them -- and others probably will, too. If you are the copyright holder
for one of these utilities, please consider making sure that people can find it
from you before asking me to take it down from here. (I'm not expecting many
takedown notices for these, though -- it's a fair bet most of the utilities are
abandoned or their authors are dead. And screw "life + 70 years." For copyright
purposes, one solar year shall be considered 70 computer years.)